Trycut bar - turned on a lathe

TRYCUT-easy cutting machinable plastic / wax

Trycut - our specially developed easy cutting plastic / wax for machining applications

Used in precision engineering works and educational establishments

Trycut is a plastic / wax material which has been specially developed for machining operations such as on lathes and CNC milling machines etc. It has particular advantages for proving software and computer controlled machining equipment.

Trycut can also be used for training operators of machining equipment and is ideal for teaching students in the use of lathes, milling machines etc.

Trycut machines more easily than metal, wood or foam, without sacrificing finish, quality or accuracy of any dimension. It is designed to give on cutting, excellent surface finish and clear sharp edges. It will not produce sharp hard-edge chips like metal, so will not damage machine tools or harm operators. Unlike PVC, MDF or wood there is little clogging of cutters and no hazardous dust is produced. In addition there is minimal tool wear as the material is self-lubricating and non-abrasive.















Trycut is ideal for demonstrating the capabilities of lathes, CNC machines etc and the software used to drive them. No cutting fluid or lubricant is required, so the machining operations can be easily observed and the finished product exhibits excellent detail / smooth finish.
Safety, Environmental and Economic Advantages of using Trycut:-

Trycut has safety and environmental advantages compared to using metal and other materials. It does not produce sharp swarf and does not require cutting fluids when being machined. The cutting operation is thus easily observed and the problems of handling and disposing of hazardous cutting fluids / lubricants and dust is avoided. The granular swarf which is non-toxic can be collected and re-used together with any workpieces that are discarded. This is simply done by remelting and recasting the reclaimed material without the need for specialised equipment.

It is much more user friendly than metal and is ideal for learner operators and students while gaining experience in machining. Confidence can be built up in a safer environment and technique improved without damaging machine tools.

Trycut costs less than metal and other metal substitutes as it can be re-melted and used over and over again.










Trycut is manufactured and supplied by Tekwani Applications Ltd
TRYCUT can be :-


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