TRYCUT-easy cutting machinable plastic / wax

Trycut - our specially developed easy cutting plastic / wax for machining applications

Trycut can be glued, cut, drilled, milled, threaded, turned. It can be recycled.



TRYCUT has many uses and applications.

In addition to the obvious uses in production engineering establishments such as proving CNC programmes/routines, making first run prototypes and machinist training, it is used in academic institutions. Examples of these applications of Trycut include making shapes to use in wind-tunnels for aerospace research and construction of Trycut gearboxes to do load and stress calculations in mechanical engineering.

In schools and colleges it is used in technology courses for teaching students to use machine tools and for art, craft and design classes. Trycut can be machined to produce moulds for polyester and epoxy resin casting. Trycut has excellent properties for enabling the release of the cast resin article.











Trycut used on a CNC milling machine





Refined forms of our waxes (Jewelwax and JewelwaxA) are used in the jewellery industry, for prototyping jewellery designs and machining wax models for “lost wax” casting. Special "Ring tubes” in 22 ring sizes and "Bangle tubes" have been developed and are used with multi-axis CNC machines to produce rings (see Jewelwax).

Model makers also use Trycut for prototype machining to check for accuracy and ease of assembly prior to using more expensive materials for the finished article.




Wax ring machined from a "ring tube"



Trycut is manufactured and supplied by Tekwani Applications Ltd






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